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快乐彩票APP |TOEC toner cartridges promotion conference held

  On October 28, TOEC toner cartridges promotion conference was held by TOEC Jiuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. The conference was themed as "cooperation, development and win-win", and participated by industry major players and dealers.
  Niu Hequn, general manager of Jiuyuan, introduced the company, especially focused on technical strength and research and development, as well as analyzed the domestic toner cartridges trend and forecast the future of the industry. 
  And then some representatives of the guests made speeches. Sales manager of Jiuyuan detailed about TOEC toner cartridges history and the planned future.
  Contract signing ceremony with three clients was followed at the end of the promotion conference. The conference was successfully ended. Jiuyuan, as a state-owned OA enterprise will improve R&D and provide better products to customers.
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