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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Dedicated Monochrome Laser Printer Passed National-level Appraisal

  With the support of leaders from General Office of the CPC Central Committee and coding team of Tianjin municipal Party committee, guided by the TOEC leaders, TOEC Dedicated Monochrome Laser Printer project team established a sound work mechanism and made a system of daily report on key periods and periodic coordination, which guaranteed the smooth R & D progress. During the process, considering that it is a new task with high requirements and limited time, the project team members carried forward the working spirit of “5+2” and “day+night”. They overcame difficulties one by one and accomplished the R & D work with dedication and enthusiasm.
   On March 16, TOEC Dedicated Monochrome Laser Printer passed the national-level appraisal. Besides the fact that its KPI reaches or exceeds those of similar products, the printer is added with new technologies, especially the technical breakthrough in chip backdoor control technology for imported printer and has some new functions, which is of great significance to information security.
  The Monochrome Laser Printer project is a national level project developed by TOEC with good market potential. It will form a new industrial chain to promote the economic development of TOEC.


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