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快乐彩票APP |TOEC 2 Scientific Technical Achievements reviewed as leading domestically---TOEC information safety printer and inertial navigation test system passed review

  On April 20, TOEC held a meeting for review of its self-developed “OEP102 information safety printer” and “ car test system for inertial navigation system”.
  TOEC develops the OEP102 printer’s software, electric circuit, structure and PC driver independently with structural components all manufactured domestically. OEP102 printer has a variety of functions and creative designs such as double USB interface print mode with physical isolation, security audit, memory reset, USB interface recognition, etc, eliminating the hazard of back door information leak of office printing equipments, which guarantees information security of printer, providing a reliable and convenient way of printing for secret units. The printer’s unique design on back door information leak prevention also fills technical gap in China. In addition, the “ car test system for inertial navigation system”platform can record complete data of the tested device and reference system throughout the process and collect data simultaneously. The system can carry out high-precision dynamic test and evaluation through on-line and off-line test data processing, which also fills domestic gap in its area.
  During the review meeting, the members of the review board listened carefully to the technical report of the above-mentioned products. After reviewing related documents and a field investigation, the review board reached a comprehensive evaluation after questioning and discussion: the 2 products have all reached leading level domestically.


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