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快乐彩票APP |TOEC “OEF Safety Printer” Appeared in the 10th Party Congress of Tianjin

  The “OEP102 Information Safety Printer” developed by TOEC appeared in the 10th party congress of Tianjin opened on May 22.
  The printer is completed self-developed by TOEC and is featured with functions against confidential information leak through memory reset, which is fit for any users, especially government bodies, confidential departments and any other organizations.
  The printer to be used in the 10th party congress of Tianjin shall have great reliability and safety function as well. TOEC “OEF Safety Printer” perfectly meets the requirement which is also used in confidential departments and security points of the party congress. It undertook the work of printing for the congress. TOEC also sent technicians to provide service during the congress.


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