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快乐彩票APP |2010 National Sale Agents Meeting of TOEC Facsimile Machines Opened in Tianjin

  From March 9th to 11th, the domestic sales agents from every provinces and cities took part in the 2010 National Sale Agents Meeting. The general manager Mr. Sun Weidong presented in the event and made an introduction on the TOEC management achievement in 2009 and economic indicator in 2010. He stressed that for the future development the facsimile continued to be one of the pillar industry and the brand TOEC continued to be enterprise image. Then the vice director of facsimile factory Mr. Zhang Junhui gave a good talk on the facsimile plan in 2010. Assistant chief engineer made an introduction on the facsimile development and new product in 2010.
  In the period of meeting, new product was displayed, therefore, further reflected the R&D strength of TOEC facsimile. OEF519,OEF319D, OEF2218 and other products displayed on the event gained the sales agents attention. Especially the product OEF519, it attracted the sales agent attention as soon as it appeared. The product adopted the new streamline design to avoid the traditional outline and won the praise from the sales agents.
  Through the meeting, the sales agents have a strong believe that they will create the new brilliance with TOEC together. The sales agents and TOEC will have more economic benefit and better development opportunities based on the mutual support. 
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