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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Facsimile Machine Appeared in the 107th Canton Fair

  From April 15th to 19th, the 107th Canton Fair opened in Canton as schedule. The 107th Canton Fair was the largest one in the history. The number of exhibition booth was expected 56 thousands and the exhibition area 1115 thousands square meters.
  Became famous brand product in Tianjin, TOEC facsimile machine appeared in the Canton Fair again. TOEC had invested great human resource and material resource. On one hand TOEC showed the decision into the international market, more importantly the good quality and performance of TOEC facsimile machine was revealed in the views of domestic and international customers. From the high end to low end and from plain paper to thermal paper, there were totally approximately 10 fax machines displayed in the Canton Fair. TOEC was the only facsimile machine exhibitor in the constantly changing market, which proved the leading position in the domestic market and international market. While the domestic manufacturer gave up the so called lagging product and the international famous company simplified the product catalog one after another, TOEC insisted that the enterprise had a bright future in the facsimile sector.


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