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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Shined on China Tianjin Trade Fair & Investment Talk

  On June 28th, Tianjin Trade Fair & Investment Talk opened in the Tianjin Mei Jiang exhibition center with much ceremony. The event advanced the purpose of expanding trade and investment promotion, promoting economic and trade exchange, strengthening regional cooperation and achieving mutual benefit and strived to make Tianjin important opening window, investment and trade platform and international, domestic and round Bohai area information exchange carrier in northern China. There were about 50 thousands representatives of approximately 20 enterprises from 25 countries and regions, 26 provinces in China took part in the event.
  TOEC along with Zhonghuan Electronic and Information Group unified took part in the exhibition. TOEC demonstrated the corporate image, development situation and brand strength, meanwhile, displayed the independent R&D product OEF serious facsimile machine and solar LED energy saving light. The vice mayor of Tianjin Mr. Wang Zhi ping paid special attention to the solar LED light and the Board chairman Mr. You Hua dong, vice general manager Mr. Yang Lian kui of Zhonghuan Electronic and Information Group had a research on the exhibit booth and affirmed the high technology of product. Through this platform, TOEC would grasp the cooperation business, develop the cooperation area and raise cooperate level to build the better future.


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