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快乐彩票APP |Improve the independent innovation capability Promote the brand competitiveness——TOEC appeared in the first Binhai new area industrial design achievement exhibition

  November 8th, the first Binhai new area industrial design achieement exhibition opened ceremoniously in Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center. The exhibition aimed to push the development from Binhai manufacturing to Binhai creation, promote the independent product brand competitiveness and improve the industry upgrading and independent innovation capability. The exhibition is divided into two halls and ten themes display of publicity.
  More than fifty famous international and national design institutions took part in the exhibition. In the exhibition TOEC displayed the independent design and development product OEF916D facsimile, OEF519 facsimile and special printer. The wave line based shape design of OEF916D and beautiful shape design of OEF519 attracted the attention of many visitors. The dual function general printing and confidential printing of special printer attracted the attention of many professionals. Some of the professionals consulted the price and expressed the intention to buy. Finally, TOEC gained the most influential design innovation award.


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