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快乐彩票APP |2009 National Sale Agents Meeting of TOEC Facsimile Machines Recently Opened

  2009 National Sale Agents Meeting of “TOEC” Facsimile Machines was held ceremoniously in Tianjin Golden Ocean Hotel on Feb. 16th. The sale agents from twenty-one provinces, cities and autonomous regions attended the meeting. Mr Sun Weidong, the general manager of TOEC and Ms Deng Yali, the vice general manager of TOEC was present at the meeting.
  General manager Sun Weidong delivered a speech to the agents of TOEC. In the speech, he gave an introduction of TOEC’s 2008 and depicted the picture of TOEC’s future. He restated that though the market situation in 2009 was pressing, depending on agents support, technology accumulation and more input on the R&D and product quality we had full confidence and great ability that we could grasp at the opportunity to make fax national industry more powerful.
  Mr Shi Guojun, the manager of TOEC facsimile reviewed the performance and opportunities in the passing year. He indicated that the market strategy in 2009 focus on the management state and product transformation. He offered: the efficiency and quality of product development should be improved, the speed and quality of after-sale service should be improved. In addition, he regarded customer which is among the enterprise culture that honesty, respect, customer, creativity as the foundation of company. In order to help sale agents spend a hard winter, TOEC made “heart-warming” program for them.
  After much discussion, the sale agents were not only confident of TOEC facsimile development, but gave good suggestions to the product and brand. It deserved to be specially noted that new members of agents who had much faith in the facsimile machine hoped they could extend economic cooperation with TOEC to make national brand more well-known. New members and several agents that made a great progress during the past year were award by TOEC.
  General manager Mr Sun Weidong showed his gratitude to the sale agents. He made a statement about focus on the market, driven by research and management to put enterprise to develop for long and large. TOEC facsimile development not only needed hard work of factory but support of sale agents. He hoped the agents, as always firmly support TOEC facsimile.
  The sale agents first went to the show room of TOEC and afterwards to the fax machine production line and Tianjin DongJiang Free Trade Port Zone. The agents saw the position of enterprise strength and the flourishing construction of opening city.
  The meeting heightened agent’s confidence, strengthened the cooperation between agents and TOEC. Both sides had full confidence that TOEC will achieve the goal to grow steadily in the year 2009.


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