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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Started Facsimile QCC Management Consulting Project

  In order to enhance the level of site management, strengthen the basis of management and improve the industrial structure, TOEC cooperated with Great Management Consultant Company in the field of production management.
  The fax machine was identified the issue of the QCC management consulting project, and the project was carried on with specific issues in the management through the consulting and training combined mode. TOEC Vice general manager Ms Deng Yali and Director of Facsimile Communication Factory Mr Shi Guojun was present in the QCC project starting meeting. Firstly, Mr Shi Guojun showed appreciated to the Great Management Consultant Company service and gave a general introduction on Facsimile Communication Factory. Subsequently, the trainer of Great Management Consultant Company explained the QCC project and made a arrangement for the following work. Lastly, Ms Deng Yali put forward the demands for the project and hoped the staff who participate in the training program conscientiously study advanced and effective management tool so that the productivity and operational efficiency of enterprise could have a obvious upgrade.


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