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快乐彩票APP |TOEC on 2009 Tianjin international aviation and aerospace Trade Fair

  2009 Tianjin international aviation and aerospace Trade Fair opened in Binhai New Area exhibition Center on April 21th. There are totally 346 aerospace enterprises, industry associations as well as research institutions from 16 countries such as China, France, the United State and other developed countries participated in the fair.
  The fair provided face-to-face exchange opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises. It was of great significance to develop market space, deal with economic crisis and promote the global aerospace industry development.
  TOEC participated in the fair with ship (vehicle) contained mobile video surveillance system. The system tackled the issues for the mobile platform in the field of video, voice and data collection, processing, transmission and record to provide basis for accurate and rapid response to the emergencies. During the exhibition there are continuously international customers interested in the surveillance system. They discussed with the marketing staff and hoped that they could further understand the system through a live demonstration in order to make integration of system and their products.


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