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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Project on 2009 Beijing International Optical Electrical Exhibition

  2009 Beijing International Optical Electrical Exhibition opened in Beijing International convention center. TOEC “Border and Coastal Defense” project made a first appearance in a public performance. The features of project: high technology, multi-function, widely applications, high reliability and many other highlights attracted the attention of the staff of relevant agencies, institutions and enterprise in the same industries. They communicated and talked with the TOEC marketing personnel. On the one hand marketing personnel gave them an introduction on the TOEC product, product R&D and manufacture, quality management, after-sales service, on the other hand marketing personnel made a detailed understanding of customer’s need in order to identify potential customers through the analysis of the collected materials and information. The exhibition played an important role in the promotion and publicity of the wireless image transmission system. After exhibition, many customers wanted to learn more about product and looked forward to further cooperation with TOEC.


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