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快乐彩票APP |2008 National Sales Agents Meeting of TOEC Facsimile Machines Recently Opened

  2008 National Sale Agents Meeting of "TOEC" Facsimile Machines Jan. 6th opened.
  Mr. Sun Weidong, general manager of TOEC made an important address to all the nationwide agents fo TOEC that he depicted the picture of TOEC's 2008 and restated the key role fax machine would always play in TOEC industries. Mr. Shi Guojun, the manager of TOEC facsimile factory, announce the sale ambition. And then   Mr. Niu Hequn, vice general engineer of TOEC, introduced a new series of fax machine putting into market in 2008 and show full confidence of fax machine selling. With a great sale progress during the pasr year, several agents were awarded by TOEC there.
  This meeting strenghen the cooperation between agents and TOEC. It will push TOEC to achieve the sale goal to a higher level together with all the agents' effort and help "TOEC" become the first brand in China as soon as possible.
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