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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Presented 2008 Tianjin International Mobile-phone Industry Exhibition

  On June 12th, 2008, TOEC delegation showed her appearance in the biggest domestic exhibition for mobile-phone industry in Tianjin Binhai International Convention Center.
  In the center, TOEC showed audiences a good appearance and the strong advantage in EMS industry. There it is a good opportunity to collect the international or domestic leading technology in this kind of industry and to meet famous manufacturers an cooperate with them.
  • On May 23rd 2008, TOEC organized a meeting named Identifying meeting for High-speed,Wireless Laser All-in-one Fax Machine and Exclusive Fax Machine Confidential Function in the company headquater location. Presidented over by Tianjin Economy Community......
  • On June 18th,2008, 2008 TOEC Series of Fax Machines Promotion Day opened in Urumchi, SinKiang province. Not only were the local distributors invited, but also all the domestic distributors and IT network media from Sinkiang came to the event. In the e......


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