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快乐彩票APP |TOEC LED Product Decorates Beijing

  To better enjoy the Beijing Olympic Games, TOEC developed a new series of LED for dynamic advertisement in Beijing. Besides advertisement will be played, some sports games will also live show to the audience. The AD LED with a 4 mile high looks simple and gender. It is decorated by ancient poetry with grass style, showing the combination of modern and tradition.
  On July 25th, 12pc LED AD billboard have been equipped in the Sanlitun Saloon Street-the famous entertainment street.
  • On June 18th,2008, 2008 TOEC Series of Fax Machines Promotion Day opened in Urumchi, SinKiang province. Not only were the local distributors invited, but also all the domestic distributors and IT network media from Sinkiang came to the event. In the e......
  • During the period from 11th October to 17th October,China Hi-tech Fair opened to the public in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.TOEC took part in this important event. 亮相高交会,推介企业 Promote TOEC 第十届高交会中外精华汇萃、专业......


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