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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Facsimile Machine Future Analyse

  ● 传真主导型的▓多功能一体化:节约办公空间、满足小型办公的▓多元化需求。
  ● 高速度高清晰度:33.6kdps的▓高速传真将逐步普及,以实现高效办公,高清晰度的▓接收打印付本质量,将成为用户重要关注点之一。
  ● 普通纸:激光、喷墨等形式普通纸打印会备受青睐。
  ● 无线传真:移动网络的▓迅猛发展,移动办公的▓需要,势必带来无线传真机市场更大的▓上升空间。
  TOEC facsimile machine has been standing at the front line in the fax machine sector. The possible direction fax machines will walk forward are as follow:
  ● Multifunctional all in one facsimile machine: save the office space and well meet the SOHO office need.
  ● Fast Fax and high-quality image: fast fax by the speed 33.6kbps gets more popular and high-quality image become the key demand customers need.
  ● Plain Paper: laser fax and ink-jet fax are getting more market share.
  ● Fax Printing without Paper: as the high-speed development of mobile network, mobile office life is born which means the wireless fax market get worth being expected.
  • Picture News2007-07-17
    8月30日,中国传真网总经理安洪强等一行四人来快乐彩票app访问。 安总经理一行先后参观了快乐彩票app传真机生产线、EMS贴装生产线、科技馆。与快乐彩票app相关负责人进行了深入的▓交流。 On August......
  • TOEC recently joined an activity, which promoted the brands of Tianjin in European countries, under the organization of Tianjin city. In order to expand companys foreign markets, TOEC introduced their own fax machines to some organizations of U.N. The......


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