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          To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of China, special series of “Glory of History” TV columns were grandly presented on “Tianjin News” of Tianjin TV. In the afternoon of 30th, April, Zhang Guanghui, journalist of Tianjin TV together with his colleagues paid a special visit to Mr. Sa Kesi, the old hero of the famous “Uprising of Two Aviation Companies”. On the interview, Mr. Sa reviewed the glorious history he’s experienced and told the Journalists in an affectionate manner: as one member of the uprising, I’d never doubted my choice I made at the key moment that I should go back to my motherland. All of the components we brought from the uprising, each and every one of us in the uprising, have been capable of making our own contribution to the construction and development of the Aerospace and Aviation Industry of my motherland, which indeed give me great comforts. During the past decades under the leadership of Communist Party of China, I have in person witnessed the great changes and developments as well as historic transition of TOEC, Tianjin City even the whole nation, meanwhile, I also saw the constant upgrading industrial structure and perfecting economic quality, our society has been becoming more and more stable and prosperous. I’m sincerely proud of my choice without any regrets.
  This program has been on broadcast on the “Tianjin News” Channel o Tianjin TV on 19th May, 2011.

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