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快乐彩票APP |TOEC on Tianjin TV “City Report” Program

        In the morning of March 18th, journalist of Tianjin TV “City Report” program Wang Yi had a interview in TOEC. The journalist had a discussion with researcher in the R&D center to know about product research and development and interviewed marketing staff in the facsimile production line to realize the international market situation of TOEC facsimile. The journalist chanced to meet and interviewed Mr Maliss from Israeli CAM group in the EMS Department. Mr Maliss said he was very satisfied with production environment and management and looking forward to close cooperation with TOEC in the near future.
  In the end, vice general manager Liu Heping gave an interview to the journalist. He offered: we will enhance our core ability of competition and level of management, increase investment for technology innovation and accelerate the integration and optimization of the main industrial structure with market as the orientation.


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