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快乐彩票APP |Tianjin Daily Journalist interviewed the insurrectionist of two airline companies uprising

    In order to celebrate the 60 anniversary of two airline companies uprising the great events that shocked the world and learn the patriotic spirit of the insurrectionist. In the morning of August 5th, Ms Zhou Liandi came to the home of former TOEC economist Mr. Yu Changli, one of the insurrectionists of two airline companies uprising, and interviewed him. Mr. Yu Changli enthusiastically accepted the interview, clearly recalled this unforgettable period of history and was excited to describe the situation that the insurrectionists join in the construction of Tianjin pilot plant. Nowadays most insurrectionists in Tianjin died, but their established plant which is Tianjin Optical Electrical Group Co., LTD (i.e. TOEC) today has became a high-tech enterprise and its business includes optical communication equipments(optical terminal equipment, fax machine, mobile & special equipment), electronic components and electronic manufacturing service three pillar industries. This is the best way for remember died insurrectionists.

  • In the morning of March 18th, journalist of Tianjin TV City Report program Wang Yi had a interview in TOEC. The journalist had a discussion with researcher in the RD center to know about product research and development a......
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