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          The new generation of the mobile multi-media communication system manufactured by TOEC will show its appearance on the torch relay of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the cities of Shanghai and Shi Jiazhuang. Most importantly, the system will play a more important role in dealing with emergencies during the period of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.  

  • To welcome 2008 Beijing Olympic games as well as reflect the exciting mood of the staff in Tianjin Industry field, Jinxin,the journalist of the program Dream2008 of TJTV came to TOEC and had an interview there.Ms.Deng Yali,the vice president of TOEC,a......
  • Recently TOEC manufactured 300 pieces of LED for Tianjin government in order to support the coming Olympic Games. The LED is distributed into Hebei district and Dagang district as the trial position. The displayed contents conclude Time Count down for......


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