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快乐彩票APP |Promotion of TOEC Fax Machine on Internet

     As TOEC fax machine market share gets larger and larger, the brand is attracting more and more media's eyes. Now TOEC fax machine frequently show its appearance on SINA, Yahoo and other internet portal websites. Covered websites indexes as follow:
"China First Facsimile Fax Machine Was Born" (article)
  Issuing websites: and Enorth Network
  Reissuing websites: Yahoo, Sogou, Sina, NetEase,Zhonghuaa and 谷歌 networks.
"TOEC Group becomes the biggest manufacturing base of fax machine in China" (article)
  Issuing websites: and Enorth network
  Reissuing websites: people network,, Commercial Ministry of PRC nerwork, Tianjin Commerce network,,,,,,,,
"TOEC Keep Its Seat in the Top100 of Electronics Enterprises in the Past Successive Five Years".(article)
  Issuing websites: Xinhua net, Enorth net
  Reissuing websites:,, Tianjin commerce network,
TOEC vice general engineer's Talk(interview)
  Issuing websites:, program "Excellent Scientific Staff Talk"
  Reissuing websites: Yahoo, Sogou, Sina, NetEase, and
  TOEC.COM Links:,baidu search,,阿里巴巴, google search,

  • TOEC has been paying attention to its RD of new high-tech products, and it gets more in 2007. The successful project of new generation of mobile multimedia communication system shows our unique advantage in technique and fills up the domestic blank in......
  • In 1952, TOEC successfully produced the Chinas first Chinese-language teleprinter. During the past more than fifty years glorious history, Guangdian Tong has become a famous brand in the ......


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