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快乐彩票APP |Inheriting the spirit of "Two airlines" and never forgetting the mission of the original intention -- TOEC group organization condoled to "Two airlines" uprising personnel

         On November 8, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the "Two airlines" uprising, Sun Weidong, who is the secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board of directors of TOEC group, led relevant personnel of the company to visit Zhang Shilin, Sun Shansheng and their families respectively.
      During the condolences, Sun Weidong cared about the old comrades' physical conditions and living conditions, recalled the history of "Two airlines uprising" together with them, and introduced the recent development of the enterprise: according to the national strategy, development orientation of Tianjin and the requirements of Zhonghuan Group, comprehensively promote the reforming toward the mixed system and high quality development of the enterprise, increase investment in technology, strengthen the technical accumulation and the formation of technology transfer, and push "Two transformations" fusion, introduced the products with market demand, and improve the overall business performance of the enterprise, Sun Weidong sincerely solicited their opinions and suggestions on the development and construction of the enterprise. In exhorting the old comrades to take care of their health, Sun Weidong pointed out that the old comrades who participated in the "Two airlines uprising" were very great, which created and promoted the development of the TOEC company. The spirit of loving the party and patriotism of the uprising old comrades is worth every cadre and employee of the company to learn. 
    At present, there are two old comrades in the "Two airlines uprising" of TOEC group, both of whom are in their 80s. Enterprise leaders make them fully feel the care and warmth of the organization, as well as the joy and achievements of the reform and innovation, development and progress of the enterprise. The old comrades have said, as the old generation of TOEC people, seeing the enterprise development, we are very excited and proud, and we sincerely thank TOEC for the care of old comrades in "Two airlines uprising". Wish TOEC become better and better.


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