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快乐彩票APP |I love you China -- celebrate the successful conclusion of the chorus competition “Zhonghuan Patriotism and Singing for a New Era”

        In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, display the spirit and outlook of the staff, praise the glorious course passed since the founding of new China and the great achievements made and the successful experience accumulated, and vigorously promote the spirit of work, the spirit of model workers, the spirit of craftsmen and the great character of the Chinese working class, Zhonghuan group successfully held the “Zhonghuan Patriotism and Singing for a New Era” of the chorus competition in Haihe theatre.
    Each unit signed up for the competition one after another, and the labor union of TOEC group undertook the organization task of participating in the singing competition this time. Under the vigorous publicity of each labor union branch, a total of 52 members of the chorus were recruited, and a professional teacher with many years of rehearsal experience in the city was hired for training. They united as one, rehearsed with great efforts, and strived to express their love of China, the sense of responsibility, and the honor and the team spirit of TOEC staff.
    In the competition, the chorus members sang a song “I love you, China!” which fully showed the love of China of TOEC staff, and carried forward the enterprise culture of TOEC. The performance of chorus was a complete success and was well received by leaders and audiences at all levels.



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