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快乐彩票APP |Li Xueyi, Party Secretary of Hexi District Party Committee to do Research and Guidance at TOEC Group

      On October 29, Li Xueyi, who is the Party Secretary of Hexi District Party Committee of Tianjin, visited TOEC group to conduct research and guidance. Sun Weidong, who is the Party Secretary and Chairman of TOEC group accompanied him and reported the development situation of the enterprise.
  Secretary Li Xueyi and his accompanying persons visited the enterprise testing center, the intelligent manufacturing production line of the enterprise, the enterprise history exhibition hall, and the science and technology museum and so on. Secretary Sun Weidong gave a detailed introduction on the progress of "Shuangbai Action" of TOEC group, enterprise development planning, enterprise technology research and development, and new process reengineering of enterprise management and so on.
  Secretary Li Xueyi carefully listened to the report and pointed out that the TOEC has high quality assets, the power of sustainable development and the advanced business philosophy, and is the "beautiful girl" in the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises. Hexi district must earnestly study and implement the spirit in the letter of congratulations of the general secretary Xi Jinping, actively cultivate new business form and new energy based on the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, provide all-round support in the business environment, industrial policy and talent introduction, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve high-quality development.
  At last, secretary Sun Weidong said that our enterprise must continue to make persistent efforts in the future, combine with our own characteristics, increase technology investment, strengthen the accumulation of technology, form technology transfer, promote the integrating of informatization and industrialization, launch market demand products according to the national strategy and the development positioning requirements of Tianjin.


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