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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Makerspace authorized as NationalIndustrial Makerspace

     On December 28, 2017, the list of 2nd National Industrial Model Makerspaces was publicized on the website of Ministry of Science and Technology. There were 33 Makerspaces on the list and TOEC Makerspace, as the only one based on the state-run enterprisein Tianjin, was officially authorized as wireless communication National Industrial Makerspace.
  TOEC Makerspace has been accredited as Tianjin Municipal Makerspace since 2016. The makerspace focuses on wireless communication, medical electronics, internet of things and big data. Collaboration with universities has been in progress, such as National University of Defense Technology, Binhai Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University and Beijing Institute of Technology. At the same time, international cooperation is a major job, emphasizing the cooperation in technology, talents and platform with Israel, Sweden and Finland. The goal for the makerspace is to make high-end national collaboration and international cooperation.
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