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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Group Players Participated in the Zhonghuan 2018 Staff Sports Meeting

     On September 16, the 6th Zhonghuan staff sports meeting was held. More than 300 players from 30 subsidiaries of Zhonghuan Group competed in dozens of sports event. A total of 49 players of TOEC participated in the 22 games and TOEC was ranked as the fourth place by the total team score.
  • The VII New Employee Orientation Program Completed More than 30 new employees have joined the VII New Employee Orientation program. The six-day training program for the newly employed was carried out since July 23. The program included the outdoor tea......
  • TOEC opened two data centers at Meijiang RD Center and Taishan Road Headquarters to boost the quality of RD and manufacturing. The data center showroom include five parts: the digitalization process for the company and IT architecture design; the whol......


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