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快乐彩票APP |TOEC 2016 year-end conference held

  TOEC Group 2016 year-end conference was held on December 30th, 2016. All the senior management and middle management attended the meeting. Chairman and General Manager Sun Wei-dong made the 2016 Annual Work Report.
  TOEC almost done the jobs planned for 2016 with economic benefit better than last years. 8 sub companies met the goals of revenue and profit. R&D spending was up to 7.6% revenue. 
  Sun also mentioned that TOEC still had weakness in quality control and Fine Management, compared to major players in the industry. 
  Next, goals and main jobs of 2017 were deployed. There are several key jobs to do, such as to build talent pool, to upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry, to set up information platform, to speed up the IBM project, to increase R&D investment, to improve technology-to-product conversion and to improve management and fine management. 
  The economic situation in the future was forecasted later: RMB will continue to depreciate in a long term and commodity prices will go up, which will worsen the low-end real economy.
  In the face of the challenges of the 2017, the management and the employees have faith to meet the targets and finish the main jobs.
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