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快乐彩票APP |Female Workers Celebrates Women’s Day

  A series of activities have been carried out by trade union celebrate Women’s Day. 42 female workers representatives were praised and awarded by trade union for their outstanding performance in work. 
  The senior management went to the production lines to send gifts to the women operator. At the same time, a female staff sport meeting was held. More than 100 participants tried their best to make good scores. 

  • TOEC Group 2016 year-end conference was held on December 30th, 2016. All the senior management and middle management attended the meeting. Chairman and General Manager Sun Wei-dong made the 2016 Annual Work Report. TOEC almost done the jobs planned fo......
  • On the morning of March 9, Canadian delegation of 14 provinces and cities of Canada led by Mr. Durbin visited TOEC. Comprehensive science and technology innovation cooperation was discussed. Vice general manager Li Yuanyuan introduced the TOEC history......


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