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快乐彩票APP |State Intellectual Property Delegation Visited TOEC

  On the morning of June 6, the State Intellectual Property delegation led by Zhao Xiyuan, the director of the Communication Invention Department came to TOEC Group for the research of Intellectual Property in industrial companies. TOEC has valued the intellectual property during research and development and has made progress.
  • On June 5, the first board meeting in 2017 was held. Li Xu made the work report to the board of directors. The 2016 work report included the operation, research and development, investment, talents training and management. And also the key jobs of 201......
  • On July 21, 76 new graduates joined TOEC and attended the training. Among them, some are with doctor and master degrees and a few have studied overseas.Most of them will take roles of research and development engineers and sales engineers.......


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