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快乐彩票APP |Premier Li Keqiang visited TOEC TOEC,an old state-owned firm, has revitalized by innovation and will play an important role in future.

   Premier Li Keqiang visited TOEC on the afternoon of June 26, a day before the Summer Davos Forum 2016. Premier Li approved of the entrepreneurialism and innovation of TOEC. The company has been encouraging its innovators and engineers to start new enterprises and turn their ideas into marketable products. 
   "For State-owned enterprises to surf the waves of the market safely, they must engage themselves in business startups and innovation, which are their 'surfboards'," Li said.
   Touring around the showroom at the TOEC Science Park, Premier Li stressed that the industry of information security would be promising.
   Then Premier Li came to TOEC Security Technology Company (TOEC Security), a startup established by TOEC engineers. “TOEC Security must control the source code in order to master the core technology. The key components cannot be outsourced and low-end. Parent companies and subsidiaries cooperate to establish the platform of entrepreneurialism and innovation, by sharing capital and technology, in order to upgrade the small businesses. At the same time, companies can gather the talents and seek solutions by means of the Internet.” Sun recalled that.
   Premier Li was glad that the state-owned assets rose from the original 2.8 million Yuan to more than ten million Yuan, and the annual sales revenue of TOEC Security increased more than 50%.
   Before leaving, Premier Li placed high hopes that TOEC, an old state-owned firm, has revitalized by innovation and will play an important role in future. Sun said “TOEC invested 5.1 percent of its turnover into research and development last year, and it rose to 7% this year. TOEC will upgrade the mechanism of turning the engineers into entrepreneurs. TOEC group stock system reform will be finished this year. Assets and capital securitization reform will be done in 3 to 5 years. Two or three technology startups will be established during the 13th Five-Year-Plan. TOEC will seize the opportunity of technology and industry revolution to make our contribution for turning Tianjin into a world-class innovative city.”
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