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快乐彩票APP |2016 TOEC swimming competition held

  On August 27, TOEC swimming competition was held, which takes place every two years. More than 160 employee players joined the competition and won 90 medals. At the same time, the best organizing team and the top 6 total score teams were selected. 

  • On August 1, 48 graduates joined TOEC, among which is 1 with Doctors Degree, 21 with masters degree and 23 with bachelors degree. They will work in R D, marketing, management and production departments. The six-day training program for the newly emplo......
  • On September 7, TOEC Innovation Center was reviewed by officials of Hexi District Science and Technology Commission and specialists and smoothly passed the audit. After that, TOEC Innovation Center was recommended by Hexi to apply Tianjin Level Innova......


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