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快乐彩票APP |Matchmaking symposium with Zhejiang University

  On November 1, the matchmaking symposium with zhejiang University was held in Binhai Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University, participated by Professor Wu team and TOEC team. The symposium focused on the products and cooperation ways of millimeter wave technology.
Professor Wu, director of millimeter wave and intelligent systems research center, mainly studies in millimeter wave theory and technology, aerial lens, antenna array technology, antenna miniaturization technology and microwave planar integrated circuits, etc. Professor Wu introduced the research and development progress in millimeter wave antenna theory and technology achieved by his team, analyzes the technical characteristics, application, advantages and prospect of industrialization. TOEC Group, he said, has rich experience in the field of wireless communications, radar, and he hoped the millimeter wave technology to be industrialized through cooperation with TOEC.
  Director Wen Zhihua, in charge of TOEC cooperation and communication, introduced TOEC Group, and issued the relevant technical requirements. She said that TOEC Group is looking forward to cooperate with Zhejiang University to carry out the promote innovation and talent and make technology productized and industrialized.
  The partners hope to carry out deep cooperation in the millimeter wave technology and products and establish a platform for university-industry cooperation, etc.


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