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快乐彩票APP |New Year Speech for 2017

The past 2016 saw complicated international and national economic and political situations, such as weak international economy, intensifying competition for domestic industries, Britain left European Union, the US election, the Chinese Yuan weakening against the US dollar, Tianjin import and export data both decreased. Despite all the above factors, thanks to the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration officials, Zhonghuan Group managers, the board of directors and the joint efforts of all the employees, TOEC has achieved the goals of 2016 with more profits than before, a good start for the 13th five-year plan.
This year, TOEC further detailed the overall planning of the group and all the subsidiaries, and put forward the production
from low-end to high-end transformation. TOEC increased investment in R&D, 7.6% of sales revenue. The company recruited 302 talents including graduates with doctor, master degrees and experienced ones. Prime Minister Li Keqiang visited TOEC in June, fully affirming the technology input and achievements of entrepreneurship and innovation. The company also actively promoted the “Lean Management”, and carried out “Lean Production” for EMS production site as a pilot, as a result of RMB 2.8 million increased. Besides, IBM consultancy was introduced, upgrading strategy, finance, HR and technology management.
      I will send appreciation to every TOEC employee on behalf of all the managers. The achievements of TOEC in 2016 are made by your hard work and efforts. Thanks a lot.
      Looking ahead to 2017, the domestic and overseas economic will definitely stay uncertain, and there will be changes to financial policy, industries, market and operation. For 2017, TOEC will increase the technology transformation into product, upgrade the traditional industry transformation, accelerate the informatization, strengthen the talents training, and improve “Lean Management”. TOEC will engage in social responsibility and fulfill the wishes by Prime Minister.
      Happy New Year to everyone and wish full joyfulness for 2017.

Director and General Manager:
December 30, 2016


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