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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Makerspace officially authorized as Municipal Level Makerspace

  The 5th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Tianjin division) Summary Conference and Municipal Makerspace were took place on December 30in Hebei District Create+ Makerspace. TOEC Makerspace received the honored plate as a representative of 33 certified municipal makerspaces in 2016.
  TOEC Makerspace is to promote innovation & entrepreneurship among the staff of TOEC, covering an area of 6232 square meters on No. 4, Meijiang Rd., Hexi District. The seed fund is up to RMB 3 million Yuan, investing in information security, communications technology, automotive electronics, software, medical electronics and intelligent hardware. Herein it is planed that about 50 start-ups and projects in electronic information industry grow.
  • The 4th TOEC Badminton Table Tennis Tournament was held from December 1-22. Almost 100 contestants with 19 teams joined in the games. The contest was successfully ended and the participant and the audience were all enjoyed the tournaments.......
  • The past 2016 saw complicated international and national economic and political situations, such as weak international economy, intensifying competition for domestic industries, Britain left European Union, the US election, the Chinese Yuan weakening ......


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