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快乐彩票APP |TOEC 2015 Top Talks Summarizing the 12th five-year plan & making the 13th five-year plan

  On March 26, the top talks was held, themed as summarizing the 12th five-year plan & making the 13th five-year plan. Focusing on the top ten goals of 2015, the host and the executives, plus the executives and the middle management interactively discussed on transformation, market, staff benefits, talents, R&D and  management. The talks helped the attendants share and recognize the development strategies, industry planning, market development and staff benefits.
  Transformation: firstly, opinion shift; secondly, investing in three aspects as of technology, talents and staff benefits; thirdly, strengthening the strategic planning, fine management, training, attracting investment and international cooperation. TOEC will continue to increase R & D investment, which is managed to be 4% more of the 2015 sales revenue. 
  Planning: Based on summarizing the operation of the 12th five-year plan, objectively finding and analyzing the problems, the 13th five-year plan will be creatively and feasibly worked out.
  Staff benefits: TOEC will strictly enforce the systems of wage negotiation and contract, and constantly improve the system of the union, enhance the implementation of employee proposals and employee satisfaction surveys. The investment on staff benefits will be largely increased.
  Cooperation: Innovation and entrepreneurship will be promoted by preferential policies and platforms. There will be free entrepreneurship training and angel capital for high-tech start-ups. New breakthroughs of attracting investment will be made by new ideas and ways. The establishment of TOEC Science Park (Binhai New Area), Productivity Center and Incubation Center will be moved forward.
  TOEC Group will professionalize in the respective industries with new ideas, mew market and innovation. Investment in technology, talents and staff benefits will be increased. The operation of TOEC will be pushed to a new level during the 13th five-year plan



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