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快乐彩票APP |Stand Higher See Further Dream Is Bigger TOEC Group Held 2014 Science and Technology Work Summary Commendation Conference

  On the 29th May, TOEC held 2014 science and technology work summary commendation conference. Sun Weidong, the chairman and general manager of TOEC, Lixu, TOEC director and secretary of the party committee, made an important speech. Secretaries of the party committee、technology vice factory directors、laboratory directors from each business units and winners attended the meeting. The conference was hosted by Yang Xiaobo who is vice president and chief engineer in TOEC.
  In the meeting, Wang Hongfei, TOEC vice chief engineer, summarized science and technology work in 2014 and deployed science and technology work in 2015. In the summary, 2014 is an important year that TOEC implemented the 12th five-year strategy plan and promoted industry transformation and upgrading. In face of difficult economic situation and market economy downturn, TOEC confronted many challenges actively, thoroughly applying the scientific outlook on development, launched a series of innovation and encouragement policies, led enterprises scientific research development healthy and continuously. Business units in TOEC adhere to “changing conception、investing talent、depending on science and technology、benefitting livelihood” as guidance, increase input of talents and technology actively and has achieved success in technical talents introduction、talents cultivation、technical team construction、projects pre-research、technology research and development、product development、technical reform、quality improvement、technology management and technology platform construction, they provided strong technology guarantee for TOEC completing the management target in 2014 fully. In the work deployment of technology innovation in 2015, TOEC formulate the 12th five-year development strategy with “one heart two wings six axes”, that has been guiding significance for TOEC Group industry development in 2015. Therefore, technical development strategy in 2015 that keeping promoting to “1+1”parallel strategy pattern and platform strategy pattern; tamping existing platform, building high platform, creating new platform. TOEC will implement and focus on established development strategy; promoting self-innovation ability energetically base on market requirements as driving force; Motivating and inspiring technical personnel regard policy and regime as security system. Regarding technology lead enterprise to development as guidance that will make TOEC technical personnel to achieve success, lead technical personnel to the market with more competitive in their industry, make the technology platform as navigator of enterprise in the market; make research and development as engine of corporations’ economic take-off. 
  In the end, Vice president Lixu pointed out that firstly, congratulation on business units and individuals got company recognition; secondly, thanks for those business units and individuals who contributed to enterprise technological work who tamping foundation for TOEC development; thirdly, hope through the staff make great effort together to change from “Made in TOEC” to “created in TOEC” and play a critical role as engine. General manager Sun Weidong stressed the conference is very important that is a connecting link between the preceding and the following and summarized the 12th five-year and planed the 13th five-year. Today, TOEC technology center is not only one branch outshines others but also other independent units and new start-up companies in TOEC have grown vigorously. There are three demands: firstly, we should share the same understanding in talents input and technology investment unswervingly; secondly, in the technological development direction,   TOEC will keep on toward to core technology、core process and key components to confront main market in China; Thirdly, individual units increase investment in technology, the earlier you input, the earlier you benefit. In the last, Sun Weidong required technology center to further emancipate their minds, promote technological achievement transformation ratio. That will make our technology personnel to stand higher、see further、draw up a greater blueprint and make tremendous contribution for TOEC the 13th five-year plan. 


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