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快乐彩票APP |Breakthrough of TOEC high-speed interconnect technology

  In June 2015, the project of High-speed interconnect communication security key technology carried out by TOEC technology Co., Ltd. was obtained grant funding on the Key Projects of Industrial Technology Development meeting. The meeting was organized by Tianjin Municipal Commission of Economy and Information   Technology and more than 40 participants attended including the commission officials and R&D managers and engineers.
  The project was highly praised by the Commission officials, as it already met the goal and requirements of the Commission. At the same time, the main products of TOEC changed from communications & office products to information security thanks to the project.
The obtained funding was contributed to the marketing department. Their hard-working in a way improve the technology upgrading and company development.
  During the process of project application and implementation, TOEC will develop and protect the intellectual property rights, achieve the layout and management of intellectual property. In addition, TOEC will promote information security products and maximize the brand value.


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