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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Group attended the Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Conference

  TOEC group delegation led by Sun Weidong, chairman and general manager, and Lv Qianjin, the director of R&D center attended the the 7th China ? Tianjin Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Conference held in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on June 19.
  A total of more than 300 overseas Chinese from 33 countries and regions participated in the conference; 500 overseas Chinese enterprises and 1500 overseas Chinese from 47 countries and regions exhibited. Tianjin showed its opportunities to the overseas Chinese by ways of policies, project road show and matching, the exhibition of overseas Chinese enterprises and field trips. 
  TOEC showed interests in the projects of aviation aircraft parts supply network, photovoltaic energy, digital medical and made in-depth communication with the project owners. Preliminary cooperation agreements have been reached.
  • In June 2015, the project of High-speed interconnect communication security key technology carried out by TOEC technology Co., Ltd. was obtained grant funding on the Key Projects of Industrial Technology Development meeting. The meeting was organized ......
  • On the morning of August 13, a delegation of Z-Park enterprises management led by the vice director of Z-Park committee visit TOEC, accompanying by Yang Hongyan, vice director with SASAC of Tianjin, and Jia Di, vice director of Tianjin Science technol......


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