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快乐彩票APP |TOEC 2013 science and technology achievements summary

  TOEC has continued to maintain steady and rapid development of science and technology in 2013. Municipal and district leaders fully affirmed the achievements of science and technology and products developed by the company, such as Sun Chunlan, secretary of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, Tianjin Mayor Huang xingguo, Xiao Huaiyuan, director of the standing committee of Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress, He Lifeng, chairman of the Tianjin Municipal CPPCC and other district leaders visited TOEC Science Park. These achievements were resulted from TOEC actively followed the pace of the national science and technology innovation, attached great importance to the technology and innovation. By the end of 2013, TOEC group has boasted of 10 state-level high-tech enterprises, a state-level enterprise technology center, four municipal technology centers, three joint laboratories with top universities, a post doctoral research station, a municipal-level key laboratory and a Tianjin industrial design center, which provide resources and platform for R&D. 
  TOEC has made a new breakthrough in the prize of the scientific progress and patent in 2013. TOEC has won 11 science and technology awards. 135 patens have been applied (up 14% YoY), among which the number and proportion of invention patent rapidly grew. 
  In the future, we will constantly improve the patent transformation into product and mass production; improve invention patent declaration and protection for the core technology. We will actively take part in setting the national and industrial standards. We will promote sound and rapid economic development of the company by means of technology and innovation.
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