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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Group Compiled into Tianjin Hexi Old Factories

  The book of Tianjin Hexi Old Factories is the first comprehensive book of urban industrial heritage of Hexi District. The book records the factories established during the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, and in the 1950s of New China. 
  TOEC is compiled into the New China Electromechanical Section of the book with the named article “From China’s civil aviation Tianjin telecommunication repair plant grown to TOEC Group”.
  • On March 4, Zhonghuan Group delegation led by Zhang Xuguang, party secretary and the chairman, Qu Defu, general manager came to TOEC Group for research and survey. General manager Sun Weidong, party secretary Li Xu and other executives accompanied the......
  • In order to celebrate Womens Day, a series of activities have been carried out by trade union for all female workers. On March 7, 38 female workers were praised and awarded by trade union for their outstanding performance in work and in life. At the s......


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