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快乐彩票APP |2014 Q1 Economic Work Conference Held

  On April 11, 2014 Q1 economic work conference is held. The Financing Department gave out a detailed report on the economic operation and the fulfilled proportion of the planning during the first quarter. In future, all the employees work together to solve the existing problems and develop new markets. At the same time, internal management will be reinforced. As to technology development, engineers must get to know advanced technology and combine the customers’needs with the R&D. Moreover, operators’ skills will be improved. All these measures will be implemented in order to complete the goal of 2014 in advance.
  • In order to celebrate Womens Day, a series of activities have been carried out by trade union for all female workers. On March 7, 38 female workers were praised and awarded by trade union for their outstanding performance in work and in life. At the s......
  • On April 22, ELN Stars and key staff visit Darrentang organized by HR Department. The activities includes visiting historic house of Darentang, Chinese traditional medicine herbs museums and final communication and exchange. By this visiting, both hav......


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