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快乐彩票APP |TEOC Held 2014 Table Tennis Games

  5.19-21,2014, the 2014 Table Tennis Gams was jointly organized by The union and the Youth League Committee, which is designed to celebrate the May Day and Youth Day as well as to study and act on the spirit of the18th CPC National Congress and the Eighth Plenary Session of the Thirteen Central Committee as one of many athletic and recreational programs. This table Tennis Games is expected to enrich employees’spare time life and strengthen integrity of the entire enterprise. 
  • Picture News2014-05-10
    5.22.,2014, Mr. ZHU Weigang, Director of the working committee of Tianjin general labor union, Ms. ZHANG Xiaomei, Deputy Chairman of Zhong Huan Group visited TOECs innovation studio of Model workers and Activity Center, Ms. DENG Yali, Chairwoman of th......
  • The TOEC Talent contest was co-launched by the trade union and the youth league committee, under the support of all departments and sub-companies. It is one of the series of achieve employees dream, realize TOEC dream, support China dream activities. ......


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