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快乐彩票APP |NPC Leaders of Hexi District Visit TOEC for Investigating and Supervising the Work

  May, 20th, Liu Kaiji, NPC director in Hexi District, along with other leaders from related departments visited TOEC and conducted investigation and supervision. They visited photoelectric technology hall and EMS lamination production line. Liu and others highly affirmed TOEC’s achievement in recent years, and expressed thanks towards TOEC’s support and contribution to technology and innovation work in Hexi District. Meanwhile, they also provided valuable suggestions to TOEC’s working targets and missions this year, brought up prospective thoughts to TOEC’s future development and long-term strategic plan, placed great expectations to TOEC’s future, and conveyed hope that TOEC could make more distribution to technology and development in Hexi District. Sun Weidong, the chairman and CEO of TOEC, Wang Yaning, the vice chief economic manager and others accompanied the visit.
  May, 27th, Teng Zhongxi, NPC vice director in Hexi District, along with other leaders from related departments visited TOEC and conducted investigation and supervision. Sun Weidong, the president and general manager of TOEC, Wang Yaning, the deputy chief economist took part in the activity and gave a detailed work report to the leaders. Representatives from four corporations in Hexi District accompanied the visit.
  Under the guidance of Tianjin’s business transformation and upgrading, and surrounding the theme of “boosting the development, benefiting the people's livelihood and enhancing the level”, Sun Weidong gave a work report about the accomplishments in corporations’ transformation and upgrading in these four years, introduced in details the transforming and upgrading history of the newly established three companies, and provided some practical suggestions and thoughts on how to realize the plan of business transformation and upgrading. NPC leaders made intensive discussions on issues including the operability of the policy, direction and positioning of the transformation, and effective matching of information service, and conducted communication and guidance on how to realize the transformation and upgrading of corporations.
  Leaders attending the meeting highly appreciated the accomplishment TOEC has made in transformation and upgrading, hoping that TOEC could support the technology development of Tianjian and Hexi district as always, and make new contributions to business transformation and upgrading.
  • 5.12, 2014, TOEC celebrated opening ceremony for its activity center, Mr. LI Xu, Ms. DENG Yali and Mr. ZHANG Junhui along with other representatives of sub companies attended this ceremony and witnessed this very joyful moment. The activity center is ......
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    5.22.,2014, Mr. ZHU Weigang, Director of the working committee of Tianjin general labor union, Ms. ZHANG Xiaomei, Deputy Chairman of Zhong Huan Group visited TOECs innovation studio of Model workers and Activity Center, Ms. DENG Yali, Chairwoman of th......


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