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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Launched Wechat Public Platform

  TOEC has launched the official Wechat public platform, which accommodates the trend of social network of IT technology and interaction, what’s more important is that the end mobile users now are expected to directly interact with TOEC via this platform. At present, there are 7 (seven) sub-entrances on TOEC Wechat public platform: Soul & Love, Operation & Management, Reading & Thoughts, Information & Technology, Society & Civilization, Culture & Discussion, TOEC Online.
  • 5.12, 2014, TOEC celebrated opening ceremony for its activity center, Mr. LI Xu, Ms. DENG Yali and Mr. ZHANG Junhui along with other representatives of sub companies attended this ceremony and witnessed this very joyful moment. The activity center is ......
  • Picture News2014-05-10
    5.22.,2014, Mr. ZHU Weigang, Director of the working committee of Tianjin general labor union, Ms. ZHANG Xiaomei, Deputy Chairman of Zhong Huan Group visited TOECs innovation studio of Model workers and Activity Center, Ms. DENG Yali, Chairwoman of th......


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