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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Attended Zhong Huan Group Sports Games preliminaries

  5.10, 2014, TOEC attended the 3rd Sports meeting held by Zhong Huan Group in Zhong Huan Information College, TJUT. 50 players from TOEC lead by the Union Chairwomen Ms. DENG Yali have participated over 40 items of this sports meeting. Totally 27 players ranked in the finals of 22 items after fierce competition.

  • On April 22, ELN Stars and key staff visit Darrentang organized by HR Department. The activities includes visiting historic house of Darentang, Chinese traditional medicine herbs museums and final communication and exchange. By this visiting, both hav......
  • 5.12, 2014, TOEC celebrated opening ceremony for its activity center, Mr. LI Xu, Ms. DENG Yali and Mr. ZHANG Junhui along with other representatives of sub companies attended this ceremony and witnessed this very joyful moment. The activity center is ......


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