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快乐彩票APP |Tianjin Municipal Key Enterprise Laboratory of Laser Jet Printing Technology Officially Accredited

  On June 20, 2013, "Tianjin Municipal Key Enterprise Laboratory of Laser Jet Printing Technology" built by TOEC Technology Co., Ltd., was officially approved by Tianjin Municipal Science & Technology Commission, which was one of the first accredited batch of municipal-level key laboratories. It also the only one municipal-level key laboratory in Zhonghuan group. 
  It took 2 years for the Information Security Team of the R&D Center to set up the key laboratory. There are 42 members to develop OA security office equipments, tailored toners and toner accessories. They focus on laser jet printers, fax machines, multi-functional equipments; OA security office equipments and management system; all kinds of original toners and renewable toners technology. 
  Since its establishment in 2012, the members in the key lab have undertaken 6 national and Tianjin science and technology projects, 14 projects commissioned by TOEC. 13 papers has been published. It has won 8 prized awards, 14 state authorized patents , 4 items of enterprise standards and participated in domestic and international academic conferences for 8 times. In the next two years, the key lab will focus on "red and black bicolor security printing technology”, to strengthen research and development capacity, to build the international advanced, domestic leading and R&D team, and to promote sound and rapid development of TOEC.
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