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快乐彩票APP |2014 Economic Working Conference Kicks off

  2014 economic working conference kicked off on August 8. General Manager Sun Weidong made the economic working report. 
  The major goal of this conference were analyzing and summarizing current economic situation and existing challenges for the first half year, and deploying the work of second half year. In light of the current situation, the focus is to find problems and shortcomings of the group and emphasize technology, talents and staff’s livelihood to make sure the goals of 2014 is reached. 
  General manager Sun stressed that eight major plans has to be completed during the second half year and respective keys and answers to these plans. At the same time, he asked for the executives and managing team of the group and affiliated companies to value technology, talents, management, economic census, staff’s livelihood and work safety.
  • On August 23, TOEC swimming competition was held, which takes place every two years. More than 160 employee players joined the competition and won 65 medals. At the same time, the best organizing team and the top 6 team total score.......
  • According to the requests by TOEC Group midyear economic work conference, the two-day Strengthen Service Awareness and Build Outstanding Team team building activity by Managing Departments carried out on August 29-30. The two days of training improved......


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