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Despite many external economical challenges and volatile market conditions in 2014, TOEC group has completed the tasks and goals for the last year and managed to improve the operation. These good results were attributed to hard work of all the executives and employees.
Looking back at 2014, the global economy has been complicated and China economy has faced downward pressure. TOEC has gradually implemented the key jobs and the operation has went smooth. Over the past year, TOEC has increased investment in technology, human resources, compensation and benefit of the staff. We are delighted to see that a group of young leaders have been promoted; the profit of R&D Center has risen; most of sub companies have made 
profits; OEM factories have made transition; three new-established companies have realized the profits. TOEC has completed the construction of heating grid and cultural activity center. 2014 year is the year of transition and all the good results of 2014 have been made by hard working of each employee.
      At this moment to bidding farewell to the year of 2014 and ushering in the year of 2015, I’d like to pay tribute to all the staff of TOEC and extend my sincere greetings to the families of the staff, on behalf of the company and myself. I express my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to the leaders and clients at all levels who have been a great support to TOEC.
  Looking ahead to 2015, there are not only difficulties and challenges but also opportunities. TOEC will increase investment in technology, human resources, compensation and benefit of the staff. 2015 is the final year of "the twelfth five-year plan". TOEC will manage to meet the goals of "the twelfth five-year plan" and plan the "the thirteenth five-year plan". God helps those who help themselves. We all wish tomorrow will be better for TOEC.
  As New Year comes, I wish you all a happy New Year and good luck.

December 10, 2014

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