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快乐彩票APP |2012 Annual Summary Meetings Held by Each Unit of TOEC

  The year of 2012 was the key one of 12th five-year plan, and economic situation of that year was complex and changeable. Under everyone’s joint efforts, TOEC achieved economic indicators as expected.
  Each unit celebrates the New Year in different ways, sharing the joy of success and happiness of 2012, and talking about the planning and expectation of 2013.
  In 2013 TOEC group continues to carry out the transformation and upgrading, increase investment and promote the market. Moreover, TOEC still builds the youth team and culture construction, responsible for the society. All the staff is full of confidence and looking forward to the development of 2013.

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  • The event of Warm Heart from TOEC in 2013started on January 28, 2013, aiming to help the staffs who have financial troubles. The ceremony was chaired by Deng Yali, the chairman of the trade union. The event will help the people in need solve the probl......


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