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快乐彩票APP |Strengthen service awareness and build outstanding team----Exclusive report on team building of managing department

  According to the requests by TOEC Group midyear economic work conference, the two-day " Strengthen Service Awareness and Build Outstanding Team " team building activity by Managing Departments carried out on December 31 and September 1, in order to further enhance professional knowledge, working ability and service level, set up strong crisis consciousness and service awareness of Managing Departments, continuously construct learning organization, and ensure efficient rapid economic development of the group.
  The two days of training improved team working and effective communication of all the trainees of Managing Departments. At the same time, strengthen the service awareness to sub-factories and business consciousness; To strengthen the consciousness of overall situation. In the future work, it is believed that we will use what we have learned from training into the daily work; provide better management and better service to build our TOEC excellent management team.
  • 2013 economic working conference kicked off on August 8. General Manager Sun Weidong gave the economic work report. The major goal of this conference were analyzing and summarizing current economic situation and existing challenges, and deploying the ......
  • From September 5 to 8, TOEC Group has attended the 2nd China Helicopter Exposition as an exhibitor at Free Trade Zone of Tianjin Port, which is regarded as an international helicopter expo. This exposition has attracted nearly 300 players in helicopte......


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